Review of Trakkit GPS

Verified Buyer
By Danny
Posted on 25.06.2020
This is an awesome product! I’ve tried several cellular-based tracking devices that are all physically bulky, with expensive recurring fees and don’t deliver anything close to the data Trakkit provides. There is pretty much nothing else on that market that will allow you to track anything with only a one-time purchase. You can set options for tracking behavior based on your own use case, and the UI on the mobile app is incredibly easy to navigate with a nice interactive map. The battery life is incredible as it will last for several months untouched, and can be re-powered instantly since it uses disposable lithium batteries (make sure you use the right ones). This saves you from the hassle of having to constantly remove and recharge your tracking device every few days, which is typical for other trackers. Additionally, the fact that it tracks temperature data can be very helpful if you’re using it for something that’s-environment sensitive. Would highly recommend to anyone who
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