Review of Trakkit THS - WiFi Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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By Steve Norris
Posted on 25.10.2020
Small in size, BIG IN PERFORMANCE! Just picked up 3 of these temp/humidity sensors. Very impressed! Set-up is a snap. No cumbersome/expensive gateways, no wires, no issues! I’m a TV meteorologist and accuracy is a must! These deliver the goods in a reliable way. Have one in the greenhouse to monitor the winter chill and the summer heat, one in the freezer to alert me to any mechanical issues or power outages and an extra for spare (for now, in master bedroom suite to alert me to any potential furnace issue in middle of night). Includes a handy/straight-forward APP so I can check in on things from anywhere in the world at any time! It graphs the data and even alerts when the sensor’s battery power is low. Note: these can also be AC-powered with a USB cable (included). GREAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!
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