Review of High Efficiency Smoking Pipe

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By Michael
Posted on 16.11.2019
Under order number 7201, I received a screen less pipe with some extra mouthpieces and screens. I was disappointed with the screen less pipe. I had to add a screen and enlarge the intake hole to get it to work like my original “take a smoke” pipe. I also should have ordered the screen less toke in silver. The black finish looks great but it harder to clean the inside of the toke. Under order number 7238, I received a high efficiency toke. The difference was night and day. The high efficiency pipe’s screened intake and interchangeable cartridges are fantastic. I’m recommending this toke to everyone. It holds a little less but that’s OK. I will likely order additional cartridges. I also had started using the high efficiency intake on the screen less pipe (much better). I would like to see you guys come up the an oder resistant case for your pipes perhaps a version with the additional space for a lighter. I would also like you guys to provide a cleaning kit and cleaning solution for ma
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