Review of Energy Pack Capsules

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By Sean M.
Posted on 02.08.2020
Please Note: This is the first time I've ordered from SNB, so my experience may be a one-off. I placed my order last Monday* and paid $8 extra for 2-day shipping. It is now Sunday. I emailed SNB support and their response was that they had "dropped it off at USPS". Hey, I'm all for you running your business your way but, as a customer, when I pay for 2-day shipping that means it will be on my doorstep two days later. Please at least try to express some accountability in getting your product store-to-door rather than tossing the problem over the fence to USPS. It was enough that I had to tolerate buying your product with actual gold! Again, this is my only experience with SNB and my case may, in fact, be a real one-off. In fact, I really hope that to be the case! * A mistake was originally made specific to the day in which the order was processed by SNB. It was not Monday. The order was actually both placed and processed on Tuesday, July 28th at 9:40 AM. The processing + s
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