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Review of Cetus 3D Printer MK3, China Stock

By Kwang Wei Ong
Verified Buyer
Posted on 18.12.2018
Great job, Cetus. Very glad I decided to buy Cetus 3D mk3 as my first 3D printer instead of other popular brands. Delivery of the printer from Beijing to Singapore only took one and a half day. Blew my mind. Printer was easy to assemble for noob like myself. Software is simple and ideal for beginners. I have being using it for a month and it gives excellent prints with the provided filaments. Very reliable. Give it a good file and get the settings right, it never fail to give an excellent print. Failures to print well is usually a bad file, poor settings, 3rd party filament or poor bed levelling . Third party filaments cannot produce the same quality print, only coming close about 80 - 90%. I have also come across a 3rd party filament that prints horribly on the Cetus. Wish Cetus filaments can be more affordable and that there is Cetus sales office in south east asia. Shipping cost is also expensive for customers in south east asia. Other suggestions for improvement
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