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Review of Cetus 3D Printer MK3, China Stock

By William H.
Verified Buyer
Posted on 18.12.2018
This printer is great! Being my first 3D printer, I was worried that other printers in this price range would be unreliable and difficult to use. However, the Cetus is very easy to use and whilst there have been some failed prints, they were mainly my fault. It arrived quickly and well packaged, was easy to assemble and it came with 150g of filament! The build is very sturdy and quiet, and the coated build plate, although arriving scratched, works well. The software is also very easy to use, and I am able to produce some amazing prints with this printer reliably and with little difficulty. This printer just works. However, I would like to see a "vase mode" in the software, some more advanced infill options and settings as well as better printing without a raft. Every time I have tried to print without a raft, the print fails or doesn't adhere properly to the print bed. For large, flat prints the raft wastes alot of filament and at times, I see it to be unnecessary. However, these are o
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