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Review of Seattle Elderberry

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By Kari J.
Posted on 18.09.2018
Every natch is even more amazing than the last batch! My picky five year old LOVES this syrup and will even add ot to other medications to make them palatable. You really can't beat that. I am immuno-compromised, and before I discovered this source for elderberry syrup, I tried the different types you can buy at local stores. There's a HUGE difference in quality AND results. I'll be honest, I don't usually think things like this work, and am a hard science type person. I want studies and facts and figures. But, when my daughter started bringing home every single bug from preschool, and I would get seriously ill, I was desperate for something to help shorten my symptoms or improve my immune system. This does both. I take it every morning, and I don't catch everything that's going around anymore, and when I do, it isn't catastrophic like it used to be. The few times I have slacked and my daughter and I have stopped taking it, I did start getting sick again - and bad! The most recent tim
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