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By Anonymous
Posted on 24.08.2019
On the whole, I really like this mount - its exceptionally lightweight, the QD system is user friendly and innovative, and the built-in leveling device works well for leveling the scope. With that said, I am deducting one point because of a minor design flaw - due to how smoothly the leveling device screws in and out, it actually has a frustrating tendency to unscrew itself during recoil, and eventually falls out of the bottom of the mount. While I didn't actually loose it because there wasn't enough room for it to fall completely out of the mount, it made a loud rattle, and forced me to take the mount off the gun and cover the threads in some thread locker to make the fit tight enough for it to stay still. While this works, it would be nice if the design handled this to begin with. EDIT: I'm aware that I am able to just remove it, but I would ideally like to be able to keep it with the mount, both to reduce the chance of losing it, and potentially being able to mount another optic wi
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