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Review of LEAP/Micro

By Christopher
Verified Buyer
Posted on 03.10.2018
I have been running a Geissele T1/T2 mount which is a very nice Great mount, But i just replaced it with the Scalarworks Leap mount, and WOW. This thing screams PERFECTION, light weight, lock up is fantastic. Smooth,audible, and very crisp kn the lock ip clicks. Holds zero and return to zero is awesome. I love having to use zero tools to take it off and lut it on and yet not have to worry about it falling off. I did not care for the big nut on the G mount. Needed tools and looks odd. The Scalarworks Mount is TOP Notch, top floor, the Penthouse. Amazing. Now i need to get 2 30mm scope mounts to swap out my G mounts. The Scalarworks scope mounts have a built in level feature. They thought of everything. Its a must by. Thank you Scalarworks for Producing TOP Tier stuff @ghostmanarms on ig
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