Review of HY-813 Double Motor Disinfectant Battery Sprayer 12V 12AH

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By Sharad Bhandari
Posted on 05.06.2020
I have been using this sprayer for the last 5 Days. The Sprayer is Very Very Good Quality and works very well. It is good quality plastic and robust. I believe it is a good company product and not like the local ones availble. I was wondering if spare parts are available if required in the future. I have met a couple of people whose Pipe and sprayer part have got spoiled ? What happens in that Case ? I myself require another sprayer with a longer pipe ? Please Advice ?
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05.06.2020 Seller
Hello Sir, We appreciate for such a positive energetic review. Secondly, The pipes of other people you are telling about is probably not our Sprayer as they are using Agricultural Sprayers as Disinfectant Sprayers, whereas we have totally changed and customised inside motor and delivery attachment so that it does not rust with the chemicals being used such as Sodium Hypochlorite. Thirdly, for the long hose pipe we will get back to you soon once we are 100% operational and will do some solution for you definitely. Till Then STAY SAFE! :-)
06.06.2020 Sharad Bhandari
Thank You. Will wait for your reply.