Review of Robot Lawn Mowers Australia

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By David W.
Posted on 09.02.2021
Never had a robotic mower before but had a big total lawn area including a 260 sqm rear secured yard with newly laid Sir Walter turf. Heard the automatic lawn mowers were huge in Europe. Did my initial research over the net and thought the Worx was best value based on durability, smart technology and price. Called in to Jason at his Springwood store. Went through all the brands and models but both agreed the Works WR139 was best fit for me. 8th Jan 2021, Jason did the onsite installation of the perimetre wire and app / wifi setup. Initially I needed to do some minor top-dressing to smooth out a few holes in the new turf. Otherwise, the Robot (Affectionately referred to as Choppa) has not missed a beat and is doing a perfect job on the lawn. Jason, thanks for the amazing service.
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