Review of Roadster v2

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By Sarib
Virginia, United States
Posted on 20.11.2020
Extremely satisfied so far. This is my first e-bike. I researched a lot. There are not that many 'stealth' options out there so Roadster V2 is a great option for the price. The belt drive makes it extremely quiet and just 32lbs means you can even peddle with motor off. But why would you do that when it is soo much fun! I found keeping it in Level 2 PAS provides a very relaxed cadence where you are still doing some work. PAS 3 and you're just spinning the pedals and not doing much work. Reaching 20 miles is very easy - anything beyond you have to work a lot. Thinking of getting a Core 5 for my wife so we can have best of both worlds in the house. Core 5 has a bit more power and gears. While I like the simplicity of the Roadster, there might be occasions where you want gears, throttle, or a more upright cruiser feel. Great company and well built bikes at an affordable price.
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