Review of Roadster v2

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By Dayne
Ohio, United States
Posted on 11.11.2020
We are loving our new Ride1up roadster v2s. It was very simple to install and we were on the rode within 30 minutes (I did have to use a different wrench than provided to install the pedals). This bike is pretty awesome for those who want to feel like they're actually biking (and you will be). You can get a good workout or just cruise. So this thing is geared extremely high because it's a single speed, so it can be tough to get started with no motor input. This makes it a bit difficult to get going if you're starting up hill. However, the assist kicks in after about 3/4 of a rotation and you can get up to speed fairly quick after that. I've found that this latency actually makes it possible to track-stand, so that's kinda cool. I haven't done a full battery test, but it seems like 25 miles with absolutely minimal effort put in. I've used less than half the battery riding 35 miles of flat ground while using pedal assist 2 and significant input from my legs. Overall this thing is extrem
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