Review of LMT’D

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By Laura N.
California, United States
Posted on 13.11.2020
Love at first site! Being in my mid 50’s I wanted to continue riding my bike , with a little help. The LMT’D step through does just that and more. The ride is so smooth and quiet. I use the throttle at stop signs to give the little boost I need to get going and on some hills. The only con I can think of is that it could be a bit smaller frame. I am 5’8 and with my seat as low as possible, it is almost a bit too big. I wish the frames came in different sizes. I can’t imagine a shorter , elderly person getting on and off the bike with ease. I wouldn’t mind it an 1” or 2” shorter. Other than that, it has great power, smooth and the pedal assist is amazing. Customer service has been top notch with quick responses and extremely helpful. My 6 pound dog loves riding in a front basket . I have recommended this bike to so many of my friends!
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