Review of LMT’D

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By John McDonald
Washington, United States
Posted on 26.09.2020
Had a problem with the front chain wheel not being assembled onto the bottom bracket. To install this chain wheel requires a 22 tooth freewheel tool that most shops have but most non bike home mechanics do not have. The crank arms had to be retightend at the bike shop as well they made a terrible clicking noise when under load. The bike rides well it is a big bike. It goes very fast very quickly I have to get used to that. Still exploring all the complexities of power settings and will have to go on some long rides to figure that out. Have only taken it out on long test rides of less than 2 miles so still just adjusting seat height and handlebar final locations. It is a great bike and a good value and hope to probably purchase a rear rack and perhaps a second battery for it in the future. Very happy it charges easily.
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