Review of Core-5

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By Michael
Massachusetts, United States
Posted on 27.09.2020
I LOVE this Core5 bike!!! My first E-bike. The bike is a beast. Well built. Velofix assembled. Had a part defect and Alex at Ride1up responded and replaced part within a few days - no issues. Riding is a real joy! I live in near metro Boston and have been up/down hills and in city traffic with it. Acclimating to PAS/gears is pretty easy and quick. In city traffic lots of shifting gears/braking is necessary which is very manageable with this bike. I find PAS1 is best for battery efficiency for most riding. PAS2-3 for steeper hills is great. FYI - Bike likes to "run" - use gear 1-2 if you want to go "slower" at a walk or jog pace. Today did Boston city trip - 20+ miles RT and lots of stop/go traffic. Only used 1/3 of my battery power! These bikes can take a pretty good urban beating with no rattles. Even w/no suspension etc ride is relatively soft and comfortable. EXCELLENT product for the price point. Love it so much just bought a series 500 for my wife. Thanks for a g
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