Review of Core-5

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By Greg W.
Minnesota, United States
Posted on 27.09.2020
This is just an initial review as I have less than 100 miles. This is my first ebike so I'm no expert, but I have been commuting by bike to work off and on for over a decade. For reference I am 5'8" and 140lbs. Now review. First this thing is fast, probably too quick for some people. I've been only using pedal assist 1 and 2 as it is plenty assistance. Assist 5 is like using throttle and pretending to pedal. Top speeds for me are 28mph pedal assist, 23mph throttle only. Battery life seems to be really good for the price (again, I have no reference). But it looks like 20 miles on only throttle and 60-80 on pedal assist 1-2. The bike is heavy (especially with the rack and baskets I added) but not hard to maneuver while riding. With pedal assist it feels like riding a really sporty bike. It would be a pain to get this thing up and down stairs as it is large and cumbersome (I live on first floor so no problem there.) I like the look of the bike but that's personal opinion so... The b
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