Review of 700 Series

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By Thomas Nguyen
California, United States
Posted on 09.09.2020
I have a difficult time installing the front brake. I have the provided washers installed between the bracket and the frame per little cut out instructions... However, whenever I tighten up the screws, the whole brake caliper moves toward the wheel...Then I tried to squeeze on the brake so the caliper can center itself, but when tightening the top and bottom screws, the caliper still moves toward the wheel...that causes the other brake pad touching the disc brake... I tried to contact the customer support and received an email from Kevin "Hello, this is a question that is best for our support team, or for youtube and or your bike mechanic. Youtube has some really good instructional videos though on installing front brakes!" In addition, the chain and shimano groupset made crunching noise when pedaling without using power.
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