Review of 700 Series

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By Daniel Kranstover
California, United States
Posted on 08.09.2020
It seems to really be a well built bike and a good price for quality components. Had a little trouble locating aRide1Up assembler so took it to an REI bike shop and they did a fantastic job assembling it for a very reasonable price. It is very easy to figure out how to operate the "controls" if you are new to electric bikes like I am. The design team did a fantastic job as everyone who sees it loves how it is styled and colored. Nothing like the wind in your hair with no noise and no carbon pollution trailing you. First ride, it went 28mph with a tiny peddle along. A 30 minute commute by car now takes 8 minutes on the bike path. It took awhile to get it, so be patient due to the times we live in~ it was definitely a smooth transaction and well worth the price. Overall, Ride1Up is a class act with really friendly, competent customer service. A+
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