Review of Brawler64 N64 Controller (Gray)

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By Alexander S.
Posted on 02.10.2019
I'd say this is a near-perfect, and affordable alternative to the original. A much better deal in my opinion than buying replacement joysticks for OEM controllers. While the joystick feel is not a 1:1 match to the original it's so close enough that I think most players will not notice the difference in most games. Build quality is good, cord length is perfect, and the joystick is nice and grippy. The larger C buttons are a very welcomed design revision as well. I tested with Super Mario 64 and 007 Goldeneye: Mario 64 felt great, with the joystick offering a comfortable range of motion to enable Mario to transition smoothly from walking to running and then sprinting. A+ Goldeneye movement also felt good, albeit a tad more sensitive than playing with an original controller but after a few hours of playing I got used to the new sensitivity. A My only criticism would be the decision to use spring-loaded triggers (Z buttons) rather than match the original design. However, they don't
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