R-Core R3 DIY grip building kit Review by Erik G.

Erik G. Posted 455 days ago
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After a couple years using The Master on my Best Zenit I've decided I wanted to try my hand at making a custom grip. While it may feel a bit daunting if your not used to making your own stuff, it's actually pretty easy, I spent an evening to "build" the shape I wanted and on the following days just filed/sanded it to my liking before/after every shooting session. The blank grip you get in the kit has a very low angle, like the one naturally on your riser without a grip, so in most cases even to build a "standard low grip" you will have to use some material to raise the angle, but the nice thing is that if you want you can experiment with an even lower grip than usual. In general, you can file/sand every part of the plastic blank grip, whithin reason, considering you need to leave some material, but enough to make a small difference. If you're a grip sear user you may be interested in knowing that the grip edge on the Blank is a bit rounded and may cause your fingernail to gradually

R-Core R3 DIY grip building kit