Review of R-Core R3 DIY grip building kit

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Posted on 04.01.2021
Fit of R-Core grips on my riser is better than that with its original grips (UUKHA), even if it is not 100% true to the riser (2 concave cutouts on the riser are not present at the inside grip itself). Keep in mind I am a "splitting hairs" kind of person, hence my 4/5 rating. I am sure 99% of the shooters would rate itr as 5/5 with easy. Please consider also that my carbon riser has a very complex shape at the grip bed, so I believe that on a metal riser, I would rate it as 5/5. As for transaction, I am more than happy with the process and the person behind the product, 100% reecommended to give him a try. Hope I helped
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