R-Core - "CAERUS" Review by Howard Collins

Howard Collins Posted 392 days ago
5 ⁄ 5

I shoot a 27” Hoyt Formula RX and shoot tournaments. I was not too happy with the regular grip as supplied by Hoyt so I looked for an alternative. After watching the Jake Kaminski YouTube channel I thought I would give the R-Core grips a try. So I purchased the plastic version. After shooting the Caerus grip for a couple of weeks now, I feel confident in stating that I am very happy with it. It helps make my groups tighter and more consistent. I might even buy another one, but in wood or glass. I can wholeheartedly recommend the R-Core grips based on just this one grip I have. If I change my bow, I will replace the standard grip with one from R-Core.

R-Core - "CAERUS"