R-Core - "CAERUS" Review by Prateek R.

Prateek R. Posted 398 days ago
5 ⁄ 5

As someone who 3D prints professionally and recreationally, the quality of the printed grip I received from R-Core was top notch. The CAERUS grip was a hit and miss both for me. While it has excellent features for the palm and the index finger indent, it has a very open thumb shelf. I struggle to find a consistent position for my thumb. This is nothing a bit of Sugru won't fix. It is a solid base to add your own modifications to. The "cat tongue" like unidirectional texture grip is amazing. It is holding up great. You don't really feel it once you start loading. I find that this is a must have feature for anyone with a heavy bow + stabilizer setup. Great grip. I will definitely buy again.

R-Core - "CAERUS"