Review of Ray-Board

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By Esperanza C.
Posted on 26.08.2021
I was looking into how to properly us a kickboard, when I came across a video of the rayboard. After some research I bought the rayboard. I incorporated it into my swim workout. I swim, walk, and now I can practice on kicking. I played around with the rayboard and now have the perfect workout for myself. Like I said I did play around with the rayboard. I use it to walk with like if I was kicking. The pool I use starts at 4ft then ends up at 12ft. So I start off walking arms in place and continue till I can't reach the floor. From there I continue the lap by kicking to the other end. With my arms never leaving the rayboard, I turn my rayboard 180 and my body follows and kick off the wall at the deep end, and kick all the way to my starting point. I only wish I could be this rayboard a 10 star, but you only have 5 star, lol. That is how much I love my rayboard and use it every time. I forget my towel but never my rayboard. To bad I don't have a waterproof camera. So you could see
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