Review of 5 x Microdosing XP Blister (30 Portions total)

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By Anas A.
Posted on 28.07.2020
The biggest problem is that we don't know what we don't know. You may have problems that you don't even know about, so don't be surprised when these truffles show you these problems and help you address them. I suffered from chronic back pain for over two years and I literally tried everything western medicine has to offer. Then I figured out that the pain was stress-related. So I took Marijuana and it helped a lot, but right when the effect of THC went away, the back pain came back. I was very skeptic of the efficacy of these truffles with regards to helping with any physical form of pain. However, one gram of truffles was literally enough to get rid of the pain for over 5 days. I then micro-dosed for around two weeks (2 days on, 2 days off) and back pain became something of the past. The efficacy of magic truffles is undeniable. I definitely recommend it. It will help you in ways you weren't even aware of.
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