Review of 5 x Microdosing XP Blister (30 Portions total)

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By Patrick
Posted on 20.07.2020
THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE, this is my own experience and it is only with the right support of my friends, family and work arrangements that I’ve succeeded! First off, there’s no “high” for any of you haters out there... all I can explain is how different I feel: I am more positive, my thoughts are less negative and I’m far more in control of the wild pack or dogs that is my mind, usually running wild causing me much anxiety! Now with the microdosing I’m awake earlier, alert and motivated, and have a far more productive day being able to focus on one task at a time getting more accomplished in my day! I’m more creative and am actually making headway in a non fiction book for the first time I can remember! I also don’t think about smoking weed all the time either - I had a problem with it, smoking for breakfast even, and now I haven’t touched a joint for a month! I haven’t been able to do this in the last 5 years! And most important of all, I’m off bipolar meds which I started 8 years a
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