Review of Premium Business Card Builder

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By Jordan M.
Posted on 07.08.2020
Ordered 250qty, 20pt Soft Touch Business cards. Followed their advice, but black is still muted in my opinion. The feeling of them is akin to what other companies call (Silk) business cards. Nice and smooth, and fingerprints don’t stay on the card. Otherwise, the print registration is very clean (I used VECTOR graphics), the CMYK gold lines look accurate, Spot Gloss looks great and is very tight on almost all cards. The picture doesn’t represent the spot gloss at all, but I can assure you, it does it’s job. Please understand that some of your cards will NOT be perfect, it’s just part of the process. Cut lines, spot gloss registration, etc... can be off a bit on some cards. ALWAYS order a bit extra than you need so you can cherry pick the best ones and discard the rest. It’s a necessary evil. BUT I accidentally uploaded and authorized the WRONG files so I can’t use them. I was going to use them as backers for enamel pins. BUT I don’t know what their Spot Gloss looks like with no p
07.08.2020 Seller
Sorry to hear all that Jordan, next time for the darkest black possible lets take a predyed black stock like our Onyx Black Suede (one of the darkest papers sold on earth) but since it is so dark, we need to foil stamp your design on it - no ink. Just so you know, we do have a program called the "Whoops Program" and you can submit new files, even change the specs (to some degree) and place a reorder for 50% off. Shoot us an email if you want to get that going :)
07.08.2020 Jordan M.
Thank you for the prompt and courteous reply. I originally wanted the onyx, but with the colors I need, it was going to be upwards of $400+ Tax and shipping for everything. I’d love to do that in the future when I release new products. I wasn’t aware of the “whoops program“. I’d be happy to take advantage of the offer and resubmit files. I also received an email that said I could put a $20 credit towards my next order for leaving a review. That wasn’t the purpose of my review, and the cards DO look good. But I was wondering if it would be asking too much to apply that $20 to the “whoops program” as well?