Review of Vanilla Vegan Protein Powder Blend + Lentil

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By Carrie
Ontario, Canada
Posted on 08.11.2019
The only protein powder I have been able to drink with just water. It blends well and leaves no residue in the bottom of the blender bottle. Doesn’t leave a film on my teeth like others I have tried and tastes great! It satisfies my hunger pains when I don’t have the time to prepare a meal or great for a pick me up between meals. If additives cause you migraines you want to try this product, well because it’s just Plain Nutrition, no additives! No triggers! Just good nutrition! If additives trigger bloating, you want to try this, it’s Plain Nutrition. Good to see Plain Nutrition uses recylced materials for the packaging which is also biodegradable & compostable. Will definitely be ordering more of their products.
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