Review of DogFresh Amazing 5-in-1 Natural Oatmeal Spray for Dogs and Cats

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By Anonymous
Posted on 24.02.2020
We were looking for a dry shampoo for our Maine Coon kittens as their hair gets tangled. We wanted a natural one and after a long search on review sites (mostly american) PeachyDog for cats came up a lot, but i could only find it on Amazon USA. I was confused as it was a UK company, but could not find the product on their website. After contacting the company. I was told the 5-in-1 dog spray was the same. I bought it and it came very quickly and used it on both kittens. I think the the product is very good as it helped with knots that our long haired kitten gets. I would recommend this product & even the spray head is quiet and does not scare the kittens
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