Review of Aliens Ni80

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By Anthony Booth
Posted on 16.04.2021
Pour a drink & sit back (this'll be a long one). #1 I make my own juice for RTA'S & RDA'S & know exactly how they should taste...I look for a deep,rich, mouth filling flavour & not all coils will do them justice. #2 My "go to" maker dropped off the planet just ad Covid hit & I've been searching for & sampling some of the most well known makers around (not so happy). #3 was perusing a certain website when...ok...haven't heard of this guy before, we'll give them a go (Alien 28's) built on a dual coil deck when they arrived, once the coils broke in (not long at all), BOOM! a total mouth filling, satisfying hit. Shit! I've got to find the actual maker! As soon as I did, I ordered another 8 sets (I like lots of backup), not going to let myself run out. Do yourself a favour & pick up a set... or 10 of your preferred resistance & give them a hit.
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