Review of Tuckable Adversary Holster (A-3A)

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By David
Posted on 26.09.2020
Fits my G2C 9mm w/laser like a snug glove. I opted for the cheaper clip, not the easiest to slip inside the waist, but once it's there it holds quite well. The gun sits closer to my belt (lower) with this holster than my Kydex does (a good thing), and I was able to cant it forward easily. You have to work the gun in and out several times to break the thing in, which I would expect with any good leather holster. This is my first leather IWB holster, not as slick in and out as a Kydex but I do like it a lot. Hand made means it takes almost three months to get, but the end result is good. Only place I could find that had an option for the G2C and Viridian laser, so I'm very happy there. Good communication from MTR on progress and shipping times. All expectations were met. Four stars overall because I felt I should mention it takes a long time to get (in these days of instant gratification), but five stars for the actual product. Can't do 3/4 stars! If I were to re-order, I'd probably
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