Review of Adversary Holster (A-3)

Verified Buyer
By Jimmy S.
Posted on 29.10.2019
disappointed with the holster mouth. the web site says reinforced mouth but it collapses. The mouth reinforcement like on my a3 tuckable is much better.
30.10.2019 Seller
MTR is very sorry for the mouth of the holster not staying open when drawing the weapon IWB. This holster is only reinforced on the back side of the holster instead of all the around the mouth of the holster to create less bulk when wearing IWB. You are correct that the A-3A holster does have the full reinforced mouthpiece around the opening of the holster. If you would like to return the regular A-3 for the A-3A we can do that for you if you like. We want you to be satisfied with your purchased from us! Thank you for your business with us and we hope to continue the business in the future!