Review of Personal consultation with Donna Andersen

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By Rob
Posted on 25.08.2021
I’m not sure where I would be if I didn’t stumble upon Donna’s videos. I had been struggling for months to understand my wife’s current behavior. How she walked away from (what I thought ) was a very happy marriage. Only to find out she was love bombing her new target behind my back for months. I couldn’t figure out how my wife could look me dead in my eyes and tell me she (convincingly) loved me. All while telling another man she’s falling in love with him the previous hour. Then she a walks out of the marriage one night and moves right in with the target while she’s still married to me. No remorse , no conscious , no empathy. Like her husband and stepdaughter of 7 years meant absolutely nothing. Donna was able to make me understand who my Wife truly was, a full fledged Sociopath. Even though the pain still runs deep, like it would with any man who’s wife left him for another, I’m at least able to understand her behavior…as disturbing as it might be. I never knew these people existed
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