Review of Personal consultation with Donna Andersen

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By Nalini
Posted on 12.01.2021
I can't begin to say how much it meant for me to be heard and understood by someone. I've lost everyone around me through this nightmare. Even my adult daughter whom still works for the narc. $50 was a lot for me during a pandemic when I haven't worked since March but it was worth it. I explained my situation and was given advice to help me bring all of this to and end. But, as with much of my life, my plans became "lists of things that aren't going to happen". Upon receiving the certified letter of termination of lease the narc broke up with me that evening via text after ten years in this relationshit/manipulationship. I made my one and only offer to him after the house is sold in hopes that he won't destroy it on his way out. I have not had any contact with him in 5 days today. But I'm thankful that I had someone to reach out to who actually believed me. All I can do now is hope that the increase in my insurance policies both on that home and my vehicle shield me from the p
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