Review of OL-RS-CH5

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By Daniel
Posted on 31.10.2019
The remote start works great and was supper easy to install in my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The wiring schematic took me a minute to completely understand, but once I figured out how they were written they were very clear and easy to understand. There were truly only two wires to connect and the rest of the install was a plug and play installation. Programming of the module was completed prior to the unit being delivered to me, and the initial startup after install was very easy and painless. Started on the first try. I really like this system. The only item I may add to it in the future is either an extended remote system that has a longer range or the LINKR system for my phone as the factory key fob has limited range. It works well, but you really need to be line of sight to your vehicle for it to work well.
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