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By Beverly
Posted on 19.01.2020
After contracting a staph infection (possibly MRSA) due to a scraped knee in a jacuzzi, I first successfully treated it with a silver wound gel containing silver nitrate. Unfortunately, due to shaving my knee/leg, that infection later spread to other areas I had also shaved. I realized then that I needed something more systemic to stop these skin & lymph node infections & eliminate the possibility of becoming a carrier of this infection, threatening the health of my family & others. I found Silver Excelsior Serum online & ordered it. Whenever I saw any sign of skin infections, I would use the Silver Serum as directed for a couple of weeks until those signs disappeared. I now feel I am free of the MRSA. But of course, we're under attack from other infections all the time. I've used my Silver Excelsior Serum to stop a sinus infection, my first in several decades, by gargling with it, then swallowing, a couple of times a day. The sinus infection was getting into one of
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