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Review of HerbiGold® Lemon Flavoured Full Spectrum Golden Hemp Oil 600mg

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By Janice Bodsworth
Posted on 30.11.2018
After being on percription sleeping tablets for 13 years I’ve always had trouble sleeping and even these didn’t work half the time I’ve lived my life on 3/4 hours max ,my new doctor took me off and put me on piriton 2 at night to help me sleep and wean me off the others ! which did help but made me feel rubbish the next day. I tended to take ages to get to sleep so felt awful in morning then I could get to sleep but be awake at 2/3 and that was it I lost all hope until I found this cbd oil I was not convinced at first as I’ve tried every sleeping pill/technique going but thought why not I’ll give it ago. I’ve been taking for 4 weeks now and slowly going to 5/6 in morning till this morning actually being woken up by my alarm which has never happened !!! I even said out loud omg to myself I was elated Im super happy I can’t believe it ? I would recommend to anyone who has insomnia ,fantastic little bottle of pure heaven can’t thank Michelle enough very helpful and knowledgeable
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