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Review of Pure CBD Everyday

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By Carlos
Posted on 07.08.2018
I purchased the CBD for a friend who has been feeling off since the birth of her child. She complained of feeling off balance, easily irritable and anxious. Things that she would normally shrug off would cause her to become either irate or highly emotional. Since she has been taking the CBD she reports being much more balanced and in control. The change has been very noticeable. She's pleased and a believer. I also recently had a family who consumed a high quantity of MJ edibles. They were in for a very unpleasant trip. I gave them the CBD tincture to help as I read it can help with alleviating the effects. I was amazed at how quickly it worked to clear this person's head and shorten the duration of the unpleasantness they were experiencing. I was skeptical before, but am now a firm believer in this product. Thank you Greenpoint and ~Gu. This truly is a wonderful product.
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