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Review of Glukos Energy

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By William Lee
Maine, United States
Posted on 14.10.2019
Great product from and ingredient perspective, clumpy (I wrote you already) as yo know, so I have to break it up with a knife. It is annoying but I weigh my powder out, for someone wanting to use the scoop as a measurement this is problematic. Also, its pretty obvious your formula changed (it didn't use to clump) so asking us, your customers, to store it in the fridge for freezer is a little onerous for a powder. Also, it came in clumped, so I am not sure on how much it would "unclump" in the freezer - again, problematic for those who measure with a scoop (pretty much everyone but me I assume). I love being able to get a glucose product without a lot of added shit in it, but I worry the clumping thing will drive customers who have used your product in the past or try it in the future away - so out of self interest (I want to have it available to me in the future) I figured I should be open.
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