Review of Sequence Designer

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By Scott S.
Posted on 12.01.2021
Just to preference: This is a review on my Experience with the program and in no way is referring to the company as a whole. Ghozt Lighting is absolutely an amazing and fantastic company that I am fortunate enough to have discovered... This program however, has an extremely steep learning curve. I have a background in 3D modeling as well as custom PC design and assembly. This is just not intuitive at all. The demo or “tutorial” that is available merely has someone playing with the buttons of the program and doesn’t demonstrate the creative ability or function in the slightest. (the “why” you would need to modify the parameter) However, their are people out there that have figured it out, and have amazing results. You will need to devote as much time to this as you would to a program like say SolidWorks for instance. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this is the only program out there that I have found to do custom light animations that accompany the physical custom light configurations
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