Classic Mugs Review by Rhonda

United States United States
Rhonda Posted 70 days ago, updated 24 days ago
3 ⁄ 5

Very hard to hold on to. Overall disappointed in the style of the artwork. I have many old pieces and I don't like the new stuff as well.

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Emerson Creek Pottery Posted 24 days agoSeller
Hi Rhonda. Thank you for your review. We're sorry to hear you're disappointed in your new pottery! We've changed our pottery over the years for a few reasons. The pitcher you have pictured on the right is earthenware, which is not as durable as our new stoneware pottery. We have switched to stoneware to ensure your products are more durable and last for years and years. The designs change over the years as our decorators come and go — Your feedback is very helpful to us as we think about new designs. Thank you!

Classic Mugs


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