Herbal Magnesium Cream Review by Rex Williams

Rex Williams Posted 319 days ago
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My problem was at the time of writing this comment and still is, shingles. Almost corrected. I had been prescribed two different antibiotics in the last three weeks and two creams, both creams being the same. The tablets were taken two a day and the cream applied twice each day as well. These were both prescribed by a GP. I am much more inclined to try natural products first and then progress to other items if and when required. The antibiotics made little difference to the shingles rash and the creams, used as stated, did little to relieve the irritations and redness. This is now my second week free of antibiotics and prescribed creams, both of which served no purpose. The name of the cream was Flamzine. Since receiving your Herbal Magnesium Cream seven days ago the aggravated redness of the rash has diminished substantially and one leg is almost totally free of any redness at all. In other words, half of the problem appears to have gone away and while that area, as expected, still has an irritating itchiness, it is not inflamed at all. Whereas the antibiotics taken over the past two weeks may have contributed to this recovery, the speed at which the Magnesium cream produced a positive result was very pleasing indeed. Also as an added side effect of shingles, the skin cracks and becomes almost brittle. This problem has gone on one leg and appears almost gone on the other leg. I am pleased that this more natural remedy has had such a positive effect and in such a relatively short time. Based on my use of this Herbal Magnesium Cream, I would certainly recommend it for this type of skin irritation. Rex Williams Springwood. NSW.


Herbal Magnesium Cream


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