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Review of Coconut Ice Cream Signature Classic (150ml)

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By Anonymous
Posted on 09.05.2020
texture is too crumbly, like sorbet... not ice cream
11.05.2020 Seller
Hi Roy, How are you? I am the founder and owner of Co+Nut +ink. I am very sorry for what has happened for the shake. The delivery was delayed by Lalamove but that is our problem. Not sure if this is the first time you had our ice cream. Yes, our ice cream is never as per your factory-made Hagen Daz ice cream tub as our ice cream is hand made, just like the fishball that is not perfectly round. It is neither your typical hard ice cream or your soft sorbet. Most importantly is the recipe and is a totally different experience from the rest. But it has to be a good one for you and your family collectively. We will refund all the items you had purchased as per your frustration. Please also advise if you provide us with your paynow phone if is easier for you to make the refund straight to you immediately. Thank you and I sincerely apologise.