Review of Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Tincture 1000mg (30 ml Bottle)

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By Keith
Posted on 10.05.2021
I have been using Magic CBD Hemp oil for about six weeks now and have been increasing the dosage slowly. The results have been amazing I suffer from arthritis in my joints, knees and pulled something in my back last a year ago when hit by a car walking arthritis set in and I had been having trouble sleeping because of the pain when I lay down this pain has recently not interfered with my sleep. I am also going to sleep easier and experiencing deeper sleep. Less covid anxiety, and generally a more even mood. I have a doctors appointment in a couple of weeks with a Dr. who does not believe in using CBD oil and I will be approaching him about cutting down or slowly eliminating my need for Cholestral medication and high blood pressure meds. So given this I would and have recommended CBD oil to many of my friends.
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