Review of Kettlebell Workouts and Challenges 1.0

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By Ian Small
Posted on 24.08.2018
I've been reading this on my phone at work overnights, for the last 2 weeks. I haven't seriously worked out since HS football 20 years ago and have another 100 to lose on top of already 70 from clean eating. Im excited at the years of benefits that this book will give me as I am adding years to my life! Taco is dedicated to teaching proper form and technique and is crystal clear on the pages of this book and the linked videos. And ypu may not know it, bit he's a funny guy. After 2 weeks, i went to the state forest for my 7am post work swing session with my new #40 competition steel, and found myself pulling textbook hanging cleans, great alternating swing cleans, among others for an awesome 25 minutes. I'm feeling solid and look forward to the day I can send in my video! My only regret is I do not social media and am missing out on a wealth of information and community with other cavemen. Thank you Taco! SQUEEZE THOSE GLUTES!
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