Review of Private Catamaran 33"- Isla mujeres

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By Shelly
Posted on 07.08.2021
Another great day in the books thanks to this activity. We really wanted to book a private catamaran. I recommend booking this in advance because the private boats get booked up quickly. This one happened to be a 45 person catamaran for the Dolphin Discovery Park but they made it available to accommodate our group of 7. There was so much space to lay out and sit. The boat was immaculate and they have both a ladies and mens bathroom that were very tidy. We started with our snorkel. They sailed to a spot where under water ruins. Our guide took us to see fish then showed us the spot where the statues were. This was about 20-30 minutes. Then we sailed to Isla Mujeres which was another 30-40 minutes. This was where we were able to do some shopping, have tequila wine tasting and visit the beach. It was hot this day so we went in shops that had AC. The beach has some cool spots to take pictures including a swing on the water. We spent about an hour on the island before heading back to out boa
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