Review of Buy 2 Get 1 Free Bullyade Spring Special

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By Henry M.
Posted on 12.08.2020
Everyone probably thinks that the Bullyade is marketed towards the BullyPits and other variety of Bully Breeds. Well I’m gonna tell you that it’s amazing with all variety of breeds. I own 13 dogs weighing from 12 lbs to 200 lbs. , I own 5 Papillons, 1Bluenose pitbull, 2 American Bulldogs, 1 St. Mastiff, 1 English Mastiff, and 3 Cane Corsos. Memories of last year’s summer weather on my dogs was rough the 3 h’s - hazy , hot and humid. I noticed it took my dogs like forever to recoup from the day. Then I had an opportunity to speak with Ed and Sara owners of Manmade Kennels and they spoke to me about the Bullyade Product they have started distributing. I figure that with all my dogs I hope that it would help them thru another sweltering summer. My dogs have been on Bullyade for about 3 months, if I didn’t see for myself I wouldn’t have believed it. Everyone of my dogs spend their time throughout the day and just seem to bounce back much faster and are much more comfortable deali
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