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By Erika
Posted on 05.06.2019
I am so pleased with the lactation sachets. I ordered the sample pack as I was worried about low milk supply. I have pcos, an under active thyroid and insulin resistance. I was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes during pregnancy and couldn’t harvest any colostrum prior to giving birth 3 days ago. My milk hasn’t come in yet, however I am now able to harvest colostrum drops for my newborn. I am getting more with each time I try. I have been drinking the lactation sachets for two days. I have tried the peanut butter and chocolate sachets and they are delicious, nutritious and I feel that they will really help with my milk supply. I really want to breastfeed as my newborn has had antibiotics and a rough start and I feel confident that these sachets will really help. I am now going to order some more.
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