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By Erica
Posted on 15.04.2019
This review has come too late honestly and I’m sorry!! Firstly I LOVE your product! The smoothies taste really yummy! My favourite was the oreo flavour. But that’s not even the best part! Not only do they taste amazing but they truly work! I’ve seen my letdown increase substantially and that it’s helping add to my freezer stash, I get the tingly sensations in my breast that I used to get at the beginning and the best part of this is not only has my pumping output improved but my slacker boob has improved tremendously! Usually I’m lucky to get 1-2 oz but 3 days after using your smoothies I got a whole 5oz from my slacker boob. I’m really happy with the product and will definitely purchase more. Thank you for such an amazing product. :)
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